Quality British Shorthair Cats
Delphinium kittens are born and raised in the home. Here they get used to all household noises and are
well handled by Emily and Sophie, their friends and taught a few tricks too! They are also litter trained.  I
like them to be handled as much as possible and children who visit always have a cuddle!
Thanks to Max, Grace and Livvi for being such wonderful friends to the kittens! Photos below.

The kittens are homed as much loved pets and sometimes as show neuters .
All our kittens are registered with the GCCF
(General Council of Cat Fancy) on the Non-Active register  and
are fully inoculated and wormed. They come with a full pedigree, 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan, a
kitten starter pack, which includes a sample of their regular food, and a kitten care information leaflet. I
also ask you to sign a contract agreeing to neuter the kitten at approx 6-7 months of age as recommended by
the GCCF and my vets. I also require that you inform us when your kitten has been neutered. The welfare
and happiness of each kitten for its whole life, is ultimately what we desire and aim for.
I keep in contact to see how the kitten settles in and like to know that it is happy in its new home.

A non-refundable (except in exceptional circumstances) deposit of £100.00 will secure the reservation of
your chosen kitten. The balance is to be paid in cash upon collection, or if you would prefer to pay by
cheque, then the balance should be paid 2 weeks before hand
(to allow for clearance). I am very sorry, but will not accept cheques on the day of collection.
A kitten is not considered booked until a deposit has been received.
I will then post your name by the kitten as 'reserved' for you.
                                GCCF Acredited Breeder Scheme

DELPHINIUM is a member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme and shows our dedication in aiming for the
highest possible standards and best practice in feline welfare, along with our commitment to provide
support throughout your kitten’s lifetime.
Delphinium British Shorthairs
Delphinium British Shorthairs
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Kittens cost £800 for all colours        2020 Prices
Blues, Blacks, Reds, Blue/Cream, Black Tortie, Brown
Tabby, Red Tabby and Blue Tabby, (includes Spotted
and Classic)
Silver tabbies (both Spotted and Classic)
Delphinium British Shorthairs