Show News
Shropshire Cat Club.   02.02.08

Yallykitz Oliver:           1st Open, B of B and 3rd cc. Made up to Champion!
2  x 2nd in side classes.

Joeleblu Stardust:        1st Open, 2nd cc

Charmoden Simplynell:   2nd Open and 3rd in side class of 12

Yallykitz Oliver:            1st Open, B of B and 2nd cc. 2nd in side class.

Yallykitz Highwayman:   1st Open Black Kitten class and B of B!
4th and 5th in side classes at 19wks old.

Yallykitz Tawny Tiger:   2nd Open,
2 x 1st, and 6th side classes. 19wks old.                                 

Delphnium Mighty Atom:  3rd Open in Blue Kitten class ( out of 9) and was the youngest kitten in Blue class at 17 weeks
1st, 2nd and 3rd in side classes! A brilliant achievement for our first kitten shown under the
new                                                  prefix and still a baby.
The Tabby Cat Club. 06.10.07

Yallykitz Oliver:      1st Open, B of B and 1st cc. 1st and
2 x  2nd in side classes.
1 st cc on his 1st birthday!

Anwesol Tigerlily:  1st Open, B of B. 1st, 2nd and 4th in
side                                           classes.
Wyvern Cat Show.      06.09.07
Yallykitz Oliver:
st Open.               (First time shown as adult)

Advish Kim:         2nd Open, 2 x 1st, 3rd in side classes.

Joeleblu Stardust:  1st Open. 1st CC,BOB, 3rd in side class.

Yallykitz Oliver:    1st Open.  1st and 3rd in side classes.

Yallykitz Izabella:  1st Open, 3rd and 4th in side classes.
Coventry and Leicester Cat Club. 23.02.08

Sargenta Silver Yoella:   1st Open, BoB, Kitten class, 2nd(12), 4th(9), 4th(12)

Charmoden Simplynell:    1st Open & 1cc.  1st(8), 2nd(8)

Joeleblu Stardust:           1st Open,  1st(2)
Photograph by Robert Fox
Midland Counties Cat Club: 18.05.08

Delphinium Mighty Atom:   1st Open, and BoB in Blue kitten
1st, 1st, 2nd,  2nd placing and  against adult cats too.
A great day for 'Button'!

Charmoden Simplynell:        2nd Open. 2nd and  3rd placing.
Wyvern Cat Show:   13.09.08

Delphinium Mighty Atom:   1st Open and 1cc
1st time shown as an adult
And what a great day he had!
1st(4), 1st(5), 1st(7) and 3(4).

Thank-you Sue Lorton-Hobbs for awarding him his 1st cc.
British Shorthair Cat Show: 27.09.08

Delphinium Mighty Atom:     2nd Open, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 2nd!
Tough competition on the day but did really well for  
his second show as an adult. And only 12months old.

Next show will be The Supreme on 22nd November 2008.  
The Supreme Cat Show  22.11.08

1st Open and  awarded his second cc.
for  Best of Breed, which deservedly                
went to an older female Champion.

Thank you to Celia Leighton for
awarding           him his 2nd cc. and lovely
comments on              critique, including;
"Lovely boy for his age" and
"A promising young man overall"  
The Short-Haired Cat Society.
A re-creation of the cover of a
children's book, Stardust.