Show News 2011

Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella:  Grand Challenge Certificate
Best of Breed
1st / 8
1st/ 2

Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella:   Grand Challege Certificate
1st / 10
1st / 3
4th / 10
Yoella is now made up to Grand Champion!
Thank you to Mrs Gregory, Mrs Walpole and Mrs Higgins for
thinking her worthy of this title.

Delphinium Bombadier:   2nd Open Blue Kitten class
1st / 9
1st / 5
3rd / 4
At 8 months old Harry is a big chunky boy and he loved being out at
the show. What a good day he had too.
But he wouldn't keep still for the photos!

Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella     BoB
2nd / 9
2nd / 5
3rd / 11

Delphinium Sweetheart             1st Open, cc
Her first show as an adult.        1st / 10   
(at  10 mths  old)                              1st /  8  
4th / 5                 

Ch. Sargenta Silver Yoella                    Grand Challenge Certificate
Best Of Variety Adult

Delphinium Sweetheart.                       2nd Open Kitten Class
2 x 2nd
1 x 3rd

Delphinium Bombadier               2nd Open

Delphinium Sweetheart             1st Open, cc
1st x 2

Delphinium Tawny Tiger             Kitten class      
(Tiggy)                                     1st Open BoB     
1st x 2

Gr Ch. Sargenta Silver Yoella            Imperial Certificate
2 x 1st

Delphinium Sweetheart (Alice)           1st Open, cc and BoB.
Alice is now a Champion.  She achieved this in three straight shows
and still under the  age of 1 year!
Thank you to Mrs Higgins, M. Wouters and  B. Prowse for thinking
her worthy of this title.
2011                          Delphinium Bombadier
3rd x 2