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Shorthaired Cat Society:   7.1.12

Delphinium Black Knight:            
1st Open and BOB in Black Kitten class
1st x 3
2nd x 2

Delphinium Pooh Bear: (Owned by Helen Newey)             
1st Open class
3rd x 1

Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella:    
2nd x 2
3rd x 1
Coventry and

Gr. Ch. Sargenta Silver Yoella
Imperial Certificate BOB,
 2 x  2nd

Delphinium Bombadier:                  
1st Open, cc
1st x 2

Delphinium Black Knight:                
1st Open, BOB,
2nd, 3rd
And was

What a great day!
Black and White Cat Club: 21.4.12

Delphinium Black Knight:      1st Open, cc

West of England and South Wales Cat Society:    25.8.12
Galahad is Best British Adult and Best of Variety British on his first show debut!
Delphinium Galahad: 1st Open, cc and BoB, and a red card day! And only just one year old a week ago.

Delphinium Black Knight:  1st Open, cc and Bob and a red card day!

Delphinium Bombadier:    1st Open, 2nd and 3rd.  
young lad. Very broad rounded top of head with neat well set ears. Broad rounded brow.
Round eyes of deep orange. Good break to the short, broad nose and the cheeks are already
well developed. Firm, rounded muzzle with a good chin and level bite. Well grown body which
is still tall on his legs and has a lot of filling out to do. Excellent boning to the short, thick legs,
bog rounded paws. Balanced length thick tail. Excellent coat - a firm texture and very short with
plenty of density. Glossy jet black which is completely sound to the roots.
And For Galahad:
1. CC & BOB. BUJALSKA-AXON’S DELPHINIUM GALAHAD – 19.08.11. Male. What a lovely boy
showing plenty of maturity for his age. Broad rounded top of head with well set medium sized
ears. Very broad rounded brow and his cheeks show good development. Big round eyes
which are two tone at present with clear green coming in from the centre. Broad short nose
with a brick leather. Strong, rounded muzzle and a firm chin, level bite. Broad chest to a strong,
solid body with good depth developing and excellent bone to the legs. Firm, rounded paws
and a balanced length tail with rounded tip. Tail show clear pattern rings. Very nice coat, short
and dense with a firm texture. Pewter silver ground with dense black well defined spotting. I
could have taken him home and was pleased to see he was Best British Adult.
Wyvern Cat Show:    8.9.12

Ch Delphinium Sweetheart:   Res. Grand Certificate:

Delphinium Galahad:            Challenge certificate: BoB

Delphinium Black Knight:     1st Open,

Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella:     Imperial certificate. Her 3rd. BoB and red card day!

Ch Delphinium Sweetheart:        Grand Certificate. BoB and red card day!

Delphinium Galahad:                  Challenge a champion! And a red card day!